Notes from 27 July 2010 Humanitarian FOSS Skype Chat

HFOSS Maturity Model & Code of Conduct

Draft HFOSS Maturity Model

  • Tool for community dialogue – basis for sharing best practices… typically used as marketing tool – so wary.
  • Show maturity path as impact and outcomes to community…
  • Accountability and transparency – not set standard for those to meet that is too narrow.
  • Pre-signed MOUs between organizations; having documentation about how we work together is important.
  • Should work on filling out use-cases tab to give context to solutions and how they have been used

Draft HFOSS Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct – came from Sahana when we defined HFOSS
  • Was clear alignment to things like the Red Cross Code of Conduct
  • Lots of best practices learned and needs to be applied.
  • Good model of values and value-system to serve requirements.
  • Second paragraph has no mention of gender or adherence to below code of conduct. (Chamindra will add)
  • Upcoming crisis mappers conference will have session on Code of Conduct – this might be positive impact on this. Should be presented to organizer (Patrick) to see where it fits into the agenda.
  • Participation – not about what we do but how we approach it.

Exercise 24

Exercise 24 Briefing

  • People who want to play with different pieces of technology.
  • There is no budget. Bring what you can to the table.
  • Need to start work with SDSU on the scenario and to keep people excited and engaged.
  • Much will be virtual – use Skype chats to coordinate communications and logistics.
  • If yes, I am willing to play in this capacity, we can connect with people in San Diego and figure out who will be using what on ground and what virtually. Will be metrics (UC Boulder) to evaluate how effective technology is used.
  • Plans for exercise 24: Good sense of participation – might be able to find focus.
  • Over course of next week; will have better list of who is playing in terms of response capacity.

Review of Demo/Test Sites

Sahana Eden Demo Site


  • actionable plug in has been written and available to be tried out within Ushahidi (2.0)
  • Cloudvox – allows audio reports to be appended to report. It is on the blog.
  • Conceptual question: processing incoming messages from 4636. What is actionable is subjective to the person receiving the report. For a design question, who is supposed to operate the flag and with what authority. Is it a push model or a pull model. Is the party responsible responsible?
  • what if instead of having intermediaries classifying actionables items, you let consumers of the info tell you what items were actionable for them and then to help intermediaries cull through raw data you give priority to new items that are similar to those that were tagged as actionable by consumers?

Next Steps

  • Review, update edit HFOSS maturity model and code of conduct
  • Engage with Exercise 24
  • Next call August 10 - brief update on Exercise 24 planning before September.
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