Notes from 21 October 2010 Skype Voice Chat

Attending: Mark (Sahana); Juliana (Ushahidi); Michael (Sahana); Cat (Humanity Road)

H-FOSS Code of Conduct


  • agree to language on short document – any questions, comments, suggestions? many changes and improvements made - focus on H-FOSS - not humanitarianism in general. Juliana will provide additional reference on best practices for wording/language in similar documents.
  • needs to be living and have commitment - will take time to get organizational buy-in.
  • draft longer explanatory piece (Chamindra)
  • How do we subscribe/sign – as individuals or organizations – to make most impact – needs to have both I think.

Maturity Model

  • how make this a simpler self-assessment – objective measures. Mark working on.
  • important for partnering with response agencies so they understand capabilities


News and Information

  • NIMS STEP – Supporting Technology Evaluation Program – get certified in NIMS and EDXL by FEMA - - important for adoption by government jurisdictions in US
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