Notes from HFOSS Conference Call 06 June 2010

In attendance: Mark Prutsalis (Sahana), Chamindra de Silva (Sahana), Caleb Bell (Ushahidi), David Kobia (Ushahidi), Ed Jezierski (InSTEDD), John Crowley (Star-Tides), Kate Chapman (FortiusOne / OSM), Ka-Ping Yee(Google), Michael Howden (Sahana), Suha Ulgen (UN)

Items discussed:

  • progress on Sahana-Ushahidi integration
  • need to agree on tagging standard
  • focus on open standards and properly licensed open data
  • leveraging OASIS and W3C technical working groups
  • feedback on PFIF requested for input into next gen PFIF or EDXL-TEP/-TEC (on wiki)
  • getting integrated test sites / solution end-points stood up (on wiki)

Focus for next meeting:

  • review solution end-points / possible group demos for everyone: setting up some test instances for things – trying different information flows – how do we hook up our systems and general topology – with the demo sites… have all the tools talking in different ways…. to each other…. possibly to include discussion of:
    • Use cases (e.g. missing persons, aid requests)- how information should flow from one system to another
    • Microsyntax (SMS, twitter, etc. - possible topic for future meeting).
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