ISCRAM 2011 Crisis Interop

Welcome to the ISCRAM 2011 Crisis Interop session on missing person data exchange using PFIF. This will be the inaugural crisis interop workshop, which will run through multiple events both at the at location and virtually to help improve the collaboration and information exchange between systems involved in the disaster management lifecycle. To find out more about the crisis interop workshop concept click on the links below:

Event Details

The event will be run both virtually and at location. The first interop session will take place on the 10th hosted by ISCRAM 2011 in Portugal. Mechanisms for participating virtually are also provided. For those who wish to test their systems on PFIF please do publish you endpoints in the main collaboration document below.

Physical Participants and Observers

Virtual Participants and Observers

  • Virtual Venue: IRC channel #crisis-interop (join using a web browser using this link )
  • Virtual Presentations: WebEx Session. Use password Iscram2011 and click join.

Post Event Collaboration

Tentative Agenda

  1. Introduction to Interop Workshop - Chamindra de Silva (Sahana Foundation) - 5 mins
  2. The Importance of missing person data exchange - Tim Schwartz (Crisis Commons) - 5 mins
  3. Brief Introduction to PFIF and interop test session - Ka-Ping Yee (Google Crisis Response) - 10 mins
  4. Brief intro to participating systems - 10 mins
    • National Library of Medicine People Locator - Greg Miernicki (National Library of Medicine)
    • Sahana Eden - Dominic K├Ânig (Sahana Eden/AidIQ)
    • Google Person Finder - Ka-Ping Yee (Google Crisis Respons)
    • ICRC Family Links
  5. Interop testing for PFIF test case scenario 1 starts - Ka-Ping Yee

Collaboration Documents

Details on the People Finder Interchange Format (PFIF) standard

Useful Tools

Point Persons for event

  • Chairs: Chamindra de Silva, Beate Stollberg
  • PFIF Interop Test lead: Ka-Ping Yee
  • Virtual Collaboration: Tim Schwartz, Glenn Pearson (NLM)
  • Webex Collaboration: Mark Prutsalis

If you have any queries, please contact these people through the crisis-interop mailing list given above

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