The Humanitarian-ICT community

The Humanitarian ICT community consists of a global group of emergency management experts, humanitarian consultants, interested members from the NGO community and developers that strive to build applications to address the ICT needs of humanitarian problems. The group is centered around a mailing list and discuss various topics relevant to humanitarian-ict.

If you are interested, please join the Humanitarian-FOSS mailing list.

This WIKI exists as a neutral place to capture conclusions, guidelines, best practices and a scratchpad for this community and anyone who is working on humanitarian-ict best practices. If you and your group needs access to use this WIKI with the above objectives in mind, please ask for a username/password from either of the admins David Bitner ( bitner [at] ) or Chamindra de Silva ( chamindra [at] ).


Demo / Test Instances



  • 6.23.10 - working on adding haiti report data to the database (all PII have been removed)
Action Items
  • add UUID field to api output

Interop Standards

Interop Workshops

W3C References


System to System Integration Initiatives

Humanitarian Spatial Data Model

HFOSS Code of Conduct and Maturity Model


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